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misguided / неправильный, обманутый
имя прилагательное
wrong, incorrect, improper, irregular, abnormal, misguided
deceived, cheated, misguided, diddled, done, done brown
имя прилагательное
having or showing faulty judgment or reasoning.
misguided attempts to promote political correctness
a long survey that can only baffle and misguide the general reader
Some people will no doubt get into blogging in the misguided belief they'll be able to change the world with it.
In recent years her record company has tried a variety of updates and makeovers in a misguided attempt to broaden her appeal.
It is a disease that has been aided by misguided attempts to cure it.
His misguided policies would have impeded the spread of freedom in Central America.
However, the State authorities argue that the apprehensions are misplaced and misguided .
It's ninety percent uneducated guesswork and ten percent misguided sincerity.
This often leads to the misguided belief that entry into the land of opportunity was simply a licence to print money.
I know it must be some accident of history, or some poor, misguided attempt to contain Soviet aggression.
The naivety, hateful ignorance and misguided arguments of his article were appalling to say the least.
Even the president described calls to amend the constitution as misguided .