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misfortune / несчастье, беда, неудача
имя существительное
misfortune, unhappiness, disaster, bad luck, affliction, mishap
trouble, misfortune, calamity, mischief, distress, grief
failure, fail, bad luck, bad, setback, misfortune
имя существительное
bad luck.
the project was dogged by misfortune
The simple fact is these firms are businesses and they aren't in it for your benefit, they are in it to make money out of your misfortune .
she'd had more than her fair share of misfortune
The lower gods can either assist people or bring misfortune to them.
Needless to say, losing one's source of income at a young age is a devastating personal misfortune .
And in just one respect, Britain was the architect of its own misfortune .
Normally I'm not this philosophical when it comes to personal misfortune .
Not infrequently clubs are the architects of their own misfortune .
I have no doubt that there is a lesson which stands to be learnt from Alice's misfortune .
You shouldn't be surprised that misfortune befalls noble men.
the project was dogged by misfortune