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misfit / неудачник, плохо сидящее платье, человек не на своем месте
имя существительное
Jonah, loser, failure, lame duck, underdog, misfit
плохо сидящее платье
человек не на своем месте
misfit, horse-marine
имя прилагательное
плохо приспособленное
плохо сидеть
be a bad fit, misfit
имя существительное
a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.
a motley collection of social misfits
Rita is an outsider, a teenage misfit who sticks out all the more next to the monotony of the lives around her.
Not even I, the social misfit that I am, could resist his perfection.
The man upstairs's painted as a lonely misfit who's as perplexed by his role as everyone else.
One of the topsy-turvy things about Australia is the way people rush to identify themselves as an underdog or a battler, the way in which being an outsider, a misfit , is the conservative, establishment position.
I believe it was to paint himself as a passionate misfit , a permanent outsider and underdog.
Some find solidarity and comfort in the company of their peers, others are judged as outsiders and misfits and suffer accordingly.
Lonely teenage misfits with unconventional looks would have their personality revealed to everyone, leading to true love.
Chaos greets a group of misfits and eccentrics as they return for a new term at a private girls' school.
But when a run-down circus arrives in town to give its last performance, Joe discovers kindred spirits in its collection of dreamers and misfits .
He works with a crew of other controllers who are your typical sitcom collection of misfits .