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misfire / осечка, перебой зажигания, неудача
имя существительное
misfire, miss
перебой зажигания
failure, fail, bad luck, bad, setback, misfire
fall out, drop out, precipitate, come, misfire, prolapse
давать осечку
misfire, misgive
бить мимо цели
имя существительное
a failure of a gun or missile to fire correctly or of fuel in an internal combustion engine to ignite.
I might add that in my lot of 1936 era ammunition, most of the primers have gone bad so be careful if your experience a misfire or hang fire when using old military stores.
(of a gun or missile) fail to discharge or fire properly.
In Saudi Arabia, it appeared the missiles misfired .
The actual cause is a mystery, but new brain-scanning techniques suggest that migraines happen because brain cells misfire then shut down, causing the arteries on that side of the brain to contract rapidly and cause pain.
But in fact it was a rare misfire and the culprit cartridge was ejected.
he drove into the pits to have a misfire cured
the car would misfire occasionally from the cold
as these nerves misfire and die, the muscles begin to shrink
It is just that his intentions totally misfire , or, as Greene put it: ‘I never knew a man who had better motives for all the trouble he caused.’
These are extremely dangerous because if reactivated by an amateur they can misfire or explode.
Worse, there is also the danger that these potentially wayward missiles will misfire and kill innocent civilians.
He must have had a misfire or failure to chamber a round because as he pressed the trigger, he shoved the rifle violently down, yanked his face away from the stock, and actually stumbled forward half a step.
Because practitioners create safety locally, efforts to forestall errors by isolating practitioners from the system will misfire .