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miserly / скупой, скаредный
имя прилагательное
stingy, mean, miserly, niggardly, miser, covetous
stingy, miserly, niggardly, mean, tight-fisted, penny-pinching
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or characteristic of a miser.
his miserly great-uncle proved to be worth nearly $1 million
The process of going over to gaze at the bookshelves or running mental inventories is, for bibliophiles, roughly the equivalent of the miserly millionaire greedily counting the cash in his vault.
Most passengers spoken to by the newspaper, even those trudging up to 10 km to work yesterday, have been grumbling at the company rather than the drivers for what they see as miserly wages.
On top of that, not only do the miserly beggars want the land for free, but they want it exempt from transfer tax.
We cannot go on literally banking on their kindness and humanity and caring abilities in order to underwrite our economic imperatives, while requiring them to set aside their own emotional needs in return for a miserly sum.
However, to many it seemed to raise productivity growth by a miserly one percent per year.
‘A hundred and forty-five dollars each,’ I squeaked in miserly disbelief.
Its revenues soared an average of 36% through the 1990s, but now it's heading into miserly single-digit growth.
The senator accused the Australian Government of being miserly with its earthquake relief fund.
In other words, the majority of the top-ten contractors were actually quite miserly in their campaign contributions.
When you feel that everyone at the office has noticed your miserly and cheap behavior, start to make them feel guilty about their own extravagances.