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misdirect / неправильно направлять, неверно направлять, адресовать неправильно
неправильно направлять
misdirect, misguide
неверно направлять
адресовать неправильно
send (someone or something) to the wrong place or in the wrong direction.
voters were misdirected to the wrong polling place
It has even turned worse now that traffic signs misdirect traffic for Boyle direction up that road.
I also noticed I was in the line of fire should Puckett misdirect one.
This has serious policy implications, because, if we misunderstand the causes of what concerns us, we misdirect our efforts to change it.
Within the opening 30 minutes of play, about five goal attempts were bungled as the players misdirected shots that could have easily been placed into the nets.
This latest ‘don't buy a round’ gimmick is misdirected .
Other business leaders said Bolton is badly signposted, with visitors from the North often being misdirected by signs at Kearsley roundabout, and little or no signs in the centre itself.
A more sickening misdirection of American foreign policy cannot be imagined.
This theme has to be glossed somewhat, because of the platform, but we can make the point that much criticism of our appointees has been misdirected .
Perhaps the expectation of the players was too high and when things started to go wrong, passes were spilled or misdirected and ball turned over in the tackle, they seemed to panic.
But solidarity and patriotism can be misdirected , and it is time that we rethink our priorities.