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misdemeanour / проступок, преступление, судебно наказуемый проступок
имя существительное
offense, misdemeanor, misconduct, fault, wrongdoing, transgression
crime, offense, wrongdoing, misdemeanor, misdeed, perpetration
судебно наказуемый проступок
misdemeanor, misdemeanour
имя существительное
a minor wrongdoing.
the player can expect a lengthy suspension for his latest misdemeanor
the player can expect a suspension for his latest misdemeanour
A fourth violation results in a minor misdemeanor for the establishment and referral to the Ohio Department of Liquor Control.
Even if morality does reach down to our private lives, is it morally justifiable to punish someone in their public life for their private misdemeanours ?
The fact that he pled guilty to a misdemeanor and not a felony, I believe, still is going to put him in some jeopardy with immigration.
Last night I bit the bullet and went to see my neighbour about her teenage dirtbag of a daughter and the noise along with a list of other minor misdemeanours .
The need to turn around his public image and erase the memory of past misdemeanours is not the only requirement of a man who aspires to return the Conservatives to government.
Children as young as 14 are also working illegally, while minor workplace misdemeanours are frequently met with corporal punishment or punitive wage reductions.
Your misdemeanors are minor, and your contributions to the genre cannot be overlooked.
The energy that was once spent in a constructive fashion, rooting for teamwork and friendship, will be transformed into a tornado of terror and minor misdemeanors .
Gradually the distinctions between felonies and misdemeanours were eroded by legislation.