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misdeed / злодеяние, преступление, ошибка
имя существительное
crime, atrocity, malfeasance, misdeed, misdoing
crime, offense, wrongdoing, misdemeanor, misdeed, perpetration
error, mistake, fault, flaw, fallacy, misdeed
имя существительное
a wicked or illegal act.
Take some time to reflect on your past virtues and misdeeds .
What exactly is the impersonal causal connection between the misdeeds in past lives and the painful events in this life?
We can throw ourselves into your arms, knowing that you understand all our sins and misdeeds .
Trade amnesty for perpetrators in return for them putting their misdeeds on the public record.
To hold him responsible for the misdeeds of his independent contractor would be to make him insure the safety of his lift.
Western reporters detail, quite properly, the misdeeds , the crimes even, of the occupying forces.
In the past, youthful misdeeds would eventually reach the ears of mum and dad.
Take some time to reflect on your past virtues and misdeeds .
Luckily all of these people are the victims of vile plots and political misdeeds .
These misdeeds are all too frequent in this troubled world we live in.
Unfortunately for the bank, customers in Ireland have been affected by the misdeeds exposed in the past few weeks.