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misdate / неправильно датировать
неправильно датировать
assign an incorrect date to (a document, event, or work of art).
He at times repeats himself verbatim and gets a few details wrong (such as misdating Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1991, rather than 1990).
the Welsh annals misdate the battle by two years
For example, the authors incorrectly state that John Brown was incarcerated in Richmond, misdate Confederate President Jefferson Davis's inauguration, and even get President George Washington's birthday wrong.
The company said it was unlikely it would have to re-state historical results as a result of the misdated stock grants.
I have never even heard of any of the fossils that he misdated - they are all obscure and of no importance to the big picture of human evolution.
Other examples abound, including the misidentification of the author of the Encyclopedia article on the slave trade and the misdating of the meeting of the Estates General.
His lawyer told him he could not understand why the Justice Department would bring up a charge on the technicality of one misdated check.
The Meadowlands doesn't follow a cue from any current trend, and after a quick listen can sound misdated .
The battle of Marathon - and the epic 26-mile run from the battlefield to Athens celebrated with every modern marathon - may have been misdated by a month.
Nicosia tallies one point on my alleged ‘inaccuracies,’ misdating Dewey Canyon III; mea culpa.
In our view, the misdating of the Baptistery was not just a blind spot in an otherwise lucid vision of the past, a breakdown of rationality explained by local patriotism and rivalry with Rome's antiquity.