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miscount / просчет, неправильный подсчет
имя существительное
miscalculation, blunder, miscount
неправильный подсчет
miscalculate, miscount, overreach oneself
ошибаться при подсчете
miscalculate, miscount
имя существительное
an incorrect reckoning of the total number of something.
a miscount necessitates a recount
count (something) incorrectly.
If they discover that the election was miscounted , reimburse them.
But at a day-long meeting to address the issue with Wright family members, the employees were able to keep the focus of the discussion on improving the inventory process, rather than assigning blame for the miscount .
It's mere padding until the ill-fated scuba diving trip, where a miscount by the boat crew leads to Susan and Daniel resurfacing only to find they've been left behind.
We lost on election night, but got a call from the secretary of state 10 hours later to say there was a miscount and we had actually won.
Thanks to a census miscount in 2001, when 30,000 people were missed off the list, Manchester's health services were deprived of millions, as the Health Department did not take the extra patients into account when calculating its budget.
I got up about an hour ago to see if somehow America had suddenly realized last night was a huge miscount .
The machine could well be rigged for a miscount , only with voter choices printed accurately.
Ivan Denisovich, due to a cook's miscount , manages to swipe two extra bowls.
Explaining the miscount , another told jurors: ‘The tourists are constantly moving around you.’
a miscount necessitates a recount
Did you forget to show me the last one or did I just miscount the number of rooms?