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misconstrue / неправильно истолковывать
неправильно истолковывать
misconstrue, misread, take amiss, wrest
interpret (something, especially a person's words or actions) wrongly.
my advice was deliberately misconstrued
The media deliberately misconstrue things because they want to confuse people.
To make this mistake is to misconstrue the personal nature of power.
This didn't really go down so well because they repeated and misconstrued every word, and she rang me up and abused me.
But Dominican nationalists, purposefully misconstruing its terms, have portrayed it an alarming attack on national sovereignty.
This last quip seems to have been widely misconstrued .
I worry that this advice may be misconstrued , especially at a time when the news is full of journalistic imperfections.
This both misconstrues the data and misses the point.
We got the promoter to change this because it might be misconstrued by those not familiar with wrestling.
Everything was out in the open, there was no real danger of my position being misconstrued .
Be polite, and double-check your words so that nothing you say could be misconstrued .