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misconceive / неправильно понять, иметь неправильное представление
неправильно понять
misunderstand, misconceive, miscomprehend
иметь неправильное представление
fail to understand correctly.
she was frustrated by professors who consistently misconceived her essays
some academic latinists did misconceive Pound's poem in that way
There are few scholars to whom the term suggests a process by which an Easterner might utterly misconceive the West and its citizens, much less do them an injustice.
In addition, in one important respect the president has misconceived the relation between the promotion of democracy and America's national security interests.
If Rumsfeld is fired, it will be taken as an admission that the war was misconceived , and that is how history - at least for the next four years - will record it, no matter how well things actually go in Iraq.
This is because the Tribe consultants have misconceived their brief, as we predicted in an earlier letter, and have picked on The Green as a convenient piece of open land.
And such mercy is unconditionally expressed even to the alleged misconceivers and consequential evil-doers.
It seems to us, with respect, that it completely misconceives the role of the appellate court.
But this criticism totally misconceives the meaning of the concept of price.
Those of us who argued from the start that the single currency was misconceived , and that membership would be a disaster, were dismissed by the Prime Minister as xenophobes who were living in the past.
But we submit that the traditional test of corroboration provides a practical guide to the issue and that the Court of Criminal Appeal wholly misconceived that concept.