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mischief / зло, вред, озорство
имя существительное
evil, harm, wrong, mischief, ill, vice
harm, damage, detriment, injury, hurt, mischief
mischief, naughtiness, naughtness
имя существительное
playful misbehavior or troublemaking, especially in children.
she'll make sure Danny doesn't get into mischief
So this division has caused a great deal of mischief , a great deal of harm, a great deal of sorrow.
she was bent on making mischief
Not that there's anything wrong with a bit of harmless mischief now and then.
Bubbles is a little monkey, which always gets into mischief and problems.
But sometimes puppies get into mischief that's more risky than amusing, and this adventuresome spirit can spell danger.
The former group are intent on making mischief , the latter on making meaning out of an event which still has none.
You can find some harmless mischief to get yourself into, can't you?
Sure, they created lots of mischief and unnecessary work which cost a buck or two to put right, but that's all.
She estimates it was 20 to 30 seconds during which she had her back turned on these students, when they got up to mischief and this incident happened.
It merely emphasises the fact that parents are aware that children tend to get into mischief and do not exercise the same degree of responsibility for safety as adults.