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mischance / неудача, несчастный случай
имя существительное
failure, fail, bad luck, bad, setback, mischance
несчастный случай
accident, casualty, misadventure, mischance
имя существительное
bad luck.
by pure mischance, the secret was revealed
His offended love, and Malvolio's humiliated suffering, are reminders of the harm done by mistake, mischance , drink, thoughtlessness and unkindness.
His rise coincides with Tom's life falling apart - his wife leaves him, and by mischance he becomes prime suspect in a horrific crime - and their stories intersect.
By the same token, organizations resort to sorcery to explain mischance .
by pure mischance the secret was revealed
Death by disease, death by mischance , death by accident or indifference - these were part and parcel of life, but never impacted on my day-to-day life.
By mischance the second not was omitted and gave the impression that the inhabitants of Pakistan were delighted with their meagre rations.
The future Empress first gains access to the Blazing World by way of the romance trope of abduction, which, in this case, is a fortunate mischance .
He is not liable for mischance , or misadventure.
‘Rob,’ I called, attempting to tap him on the shoulder, but by mischance hitting him on the head with the paddle still clasped in my hand.
As he points out, the abnormalities we see here are not the result of heredity or some other mischance .