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miscellany / смесь, сборник, альманах
имя существительное
mixture, mix, blend, compound, composition, miscellany
digest, tank, miscellany, header, miscellanea
almanac, miscellany, miscellanea, calendar
имя существительное
a group or collection of different items; a mixture.
Talkeetna was a random miscellany of log cabins
By tradition, an incumbent prime minister - when time comes for re-election - faces a miscellany of Monster Raving Loonies and hapless candidates from the other major parties.
Over the intervening years it again reverted to a market selling a miscellany of goods as it had done in its heyday.
Food was prepared by a miscellany of club members.
But, though it should happen that an author is capable of excelling, yet his merit may pass without notice, huddled in the variety of things, and thrown into the general miscellany of life.
a miscellany of houses
To gain access to the car park itself one has to traverse a miscellany of surfaces grass verge, lightweight kerbing and footpath and then, would you believe, one is confronted by two sets of sleeping policemen within yards of one another.
Curry House serves about 14 kinds of curry using a miscellany of ingredients, among them chicken, pork, beef and peeled shrimp.
Blogs now cover a miscellany of culinary topics, sometimes only tangentially related to food.
Toward evening, the sidewalks, especially those in the vicinity of high buildings, were packed with bamboo reclining chairs, stools and a miscellany of makeshift sitting devices such as biscuit tins and blocks of wood.
Next comes a corridor where a miscellany of drawings, a small but exquisite textile and two engraved gems, one of Lorenzo the Magnificent and one of Savonarola, are displayed.