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miscellaneous / смешанный, разнообразный, разносторонний
имя прилагательное
mixed, mingled, miscellaneous, hybrid, promiscuous, assorted
diverse, varied, various, diversified, variegated, miscellaneous
versatile, miscellaneous, diversified, various, spacious, variegated
имя прилагательное
(of items or people gathered or considered together) of various types or from different sources.
he picked up the miscellaneous papers
The collection is miscellaneous in the sense that the pieces were prompted by different occasions and treat different topics.
Here, at last, among the miscellaneous accumulation of the family's past, I struck gold.
A window is open with a box of miscellaneous junk strewn outside.
I picked up the miscellaneous junk that lay sprawled on the bed and dumped it into the black cloth.
In this drawer he held knick-knacks, souvenirs, and other miscellaneous items.
Items found in the master bathroom included a laptop computer found inside a locked closet, a digital camera found by a sink and miscellaneous papers.
There is also a miscellaneous group of works that have some characteristics of this type of sampler, but cannot be easily placed in one group or another.
The second line of criticism might be raised by a rather more miscellaneous group of critics.
Her white desk was cluttered with more stuffed animals, miscellaneous papers and schoolbooks.
I'm buried under stacks of papers, miscellaneous missives, and mementos.