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miscast / неправильно распределять роли
неправильно распределять роли
allot an unsuitable role to (a particular actor).
he is badly miscast in the romantic lead
There's no equivalent to what it would have been like to miscast the main role, it would have been a terrible movie.
However, the film's ape-man was terribly miscast .
George Lucas on the other hand ruined his own Star Wars myth, and his reputation as a director, if not a money maker, with poorly plotted, miscast prequels which played fast and loose with the fans' cherished memories.
Some people felt that Tom Hanks was miscast , but I thought he was dead-on, because it's a father and son story.
She is miscast as the semi-femme fatale.
There is nothing wrong with his performance, except that he is drastically miscast as a quiet mathematician.
There has always been a vicious edge to his performances, which is why he's miscast in romcoms and nice guy roles.
However, while he doesn't embarrass himself, he is miscast .
These people are badly miscast in the role of the vanguard of the world revolution.
The sketchy dynamics of the central relationships are just one of many problems in Novocaine, an ambitious but mishandled, miscast hybrid that provides little in the way of thrills.