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misbehave / дурно вести себя
дурно вести себя
misbehave, misconduct
(of a person, especially a child) fail to conduct oneself in a way that is acceptable to others; behave badly.
We have Christmas parties and days out, and it is nice not to be embarrassed when your child misbehaves or is acting badly.
It must, for instance, reduce priorities and resources to processes that misbehave .
She reaches the conclusion that, because some students (the vast minority) misbehave , it is acceptable to treat all students however the city pleases.
Twelve more youths have signed acceptable behaviour contracts - if they misbehave further, police will take further action.
In most cases, when the children misbehave they are abused and the real problem is never addressed with love and affection.
If the electron flux is high enough and persists for long enough, then electrical discharges occur that cause satellites to misbehave and sometimes fail.
In this family home, the boys misbehave , don't listen to their mum and dad and get into trouble at school.
Radiation also differs from that encountered on Earth and in space, heavy particles make digital electronics misbehave or even burn.
Audience members make dumb choices, computer screens misbehave and the two deliver gently encouraging corrections with perfect old-school timing.
Officers hope the incriminating footage will change the attitudes of parents unconvinced their children are misbehaving , helping to stem juvenile crime on the housing estate.
Police are planning to make parents sit down and watch videos of their own children misbehaving in a bid to curb vandalism, under-age drinking, violence and abusive behaviour.