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misbegotten / рожденный вне брака, скверный, никуда не годный
имя прилагательное
рожденный вне брака
bad, nasty, foul, poor, ugly, misbegotten
никуда не годный
cheesy, useless, wretched, bastardly, misbegotten, rubbishy
имя прилагательное
badly conceived, designed, or planned.
a misbegotten journey to Indianapolis
Why couldn't they lock the woman up in the Tower of London for the rest of her misbegotten life?
But her lyrics touch on stalkers, stabbing, and misbegotten foreign policy.
Israel's colonisation of the West Bank and Gaza after 1967 was a misbegotten venture that has - deliberately - made it very much harder to negotiate a peace based on sharing the disputed land between two states.
They aren't like anything we've seen on this misbegotten dirtball so far.
Finally, the Apology Resolution and its misbegotten offspring, the Akaka Bill, betray this nation's sacred motto: E pluribus unum.
This misbegotten reversion to the failed doctrines of the Volkstead era of Prohibition has less than the chance of success which that effort had.
But slowly it dawned on me that it was, perhaps, more about the most classic of misbegotten South African stereotypes.
The other is just out and hopefully will be equally misbegotten .
Looking ahead towards his - and mankind's - future, the misbegotten son of this unholiest union history has ever known said he was optimistic.
From the doorsteps, some misbegotten mutts might cast a malevolent but lazy eye toward us.