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misapprehension / недоразумение, неправильное представление
имя существительное
misunderstanding, misconception, mistake, misapprehension, unpleasantness, misunderstand
неправильное представление
misconception, misapprehension
имя существительное
a mistaken belief about or interpretation of something.
she must have been laboring under the misapprehension that you are nice
But it is a common misapprehension to think that joint orders afford some sort of protection.
Thus far, of course, this is all the result of my own misapprehension .
she must have been laboring under the misapprehension that you are nice
The second misunderstanding arises from a misapprehension about an idea we have been studying throughout this book and which we just considered again: the sanctity of life.
It corrected some of the misapprehension of New Zealanders, stating that the Moriori were from the same East Polynesian background as the Maori.
But I am not under the misapprehension that I'm doing eight-minute cures.
people tried to exchange the vouchers under the misapprehension that they were book tokens
I had long laboured under the misapprehension that to be the subject of a tribute you had to either be dead, have done something worthwhile or have reached a milestone in a certain profession.
I understand that anglers at this venue are having bother with boaters who seem to be under the misapprehension that the sand bed opposite the Nidd mouth is available for mooring.
Plus, the laptop's on the fritz so my scope for getting to a keyboard to correct misapprehensions has been limited.