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misapply / злоупотреблять, неправильно использовать
abuse, misuse, overuse, overindulge, trespass, misapply
неправильно использовать
misapply, misemploy
use (something) for the wrong purpose or in the wrong way.
once new technology is adopted, it is often underused or misapplied
It was an offence to table such documents for verification as such reports were all stamped ‘strictly confidential’ and as a result some people took advantage of the veil of secrecy to divert or simply misapply resources.
Solicitors and other fiduciary agents who fraudulently misapply moneys of their clients often expect, or hope, that no loss will ultimately result to the client.
Applying ideas from fields other than one's own may not put one's life or health at risk but it can be a risky business: one can take concepts out of context or misapply them; one can also choose poorly in terms of concepts or theories.
The fact that a national court might, on occasion, misapply the criteria, intentionally or unintentionally, does not render the exercise a failure.
His Honour did not misapprehend the facts, he did not misapply legal principle, he did not miscalculate the damages, nor did he err in the exercise of his discretion.
But I wonder if his prescription fits the problem as neatly as the book suggests, and I worry that people will misapply his message.
There is also the tendency by our people to misapply assistance provided by well-wishers.
And, as we've shown more than once, we're perfectly capable of punishing both soldiers who abuse our trust and leaders who misapply it.
The Board did not misinterpret or misapply the evidentiary burden cast on the Respondent.
The concept is good but it was misapplied in Zambia.