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misadventure / несчастный случай, несчастье
имя существительное
несчастный случай
accident, casualty, misadventure, mischance
misfortune, unhappiness, disaster, bad luck, affliction, misadventure
имя существительное
an unfortunate incident; a mishap.
an expensive misadventure in financial services
the coroner recorded a verdict of death by misadventure
an expensive misadventure in financial services
The play then chronicles the subsequent misadventures of Charles, who now has to juggle two wives - one on either side of the mortal coil.
Remember me fondly, and pray refrain from telling the children too many stories about my childhood misadventures .
I'm going to make my fortune by selling out and making a reality TV show called Downhill From Thirty about my health misadventures .
The tale of our misadventures is, like that of the Giant Rat of Sumatra, one for which the world is not yet ready.
I've pleaded with Pete for a number of years for his permission to relate some of his misadventures and bad luck tales.
Tender and gallant, you've rescued these hapless insects from all sorts of scrapes and misadventures .
We don't believe anybody but Roberto could bring magic and fun to Pinocchio's misadventures in this classic tale.
Is it possible that she really intends to defend the ridiculously tragic misadventures of our embarrassing Commander in Chief?