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mirthless / невеселый, безрадостный, грустный
имя прилагательное
mirthless, gray, grey
joyless, cheerless, mirthless, wintry, dull, wintery
sad, melancholy, lamentable, dolorous, dreary, mirthless
имя прилагательное
(of a smile or laugh) lacking real amusement and typically expressing irony.
he gave a short, mirthless laugh
He watched, his eyes mirthless as she pulled her saber clear from the slight cover of the light coat she wore.
One look and I gave a mirthless laugh, mocking myself.
I mentally flinched and let out a mirthless laugh.
I came to realize that it was an unnecessarily mirthless , joyless book and I would like it to be, for one thing, more sensuous, more rounded in a way.
‘I'm such a wimp,’ she muttered out angrily, a mirthless smile tainting her lips.
A mirthless smile upturned one corner of his mouth.
I gave a mirthless laugh - of course, Jay and I hardly acknowledged each other as friends so perhaps I was being too melodramatic over this.
That got a few mirthless chuckles from the rest of the men.
Theresa's jaw dropped, her face becoming stale and mirthless .
Angelos mirrored the mirthless look, all signs of warmth abruptly gone from his countenance.