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mirror / зеркало, зеркальце, отражение
имя существительное
mirror, glass, speculum, looking-glass, keeking-glass
reflection, repulse, reflexion, image, mirror, reflex
reflect, represent, mirror, repel, reverberate, repulse
reflect, image, mirror
имя существительное
a reflective surface, now typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a clear image.
As the steam in the bathroom began to vent, the mirror cleared and his image appeared before him.
(of a reflective surface) show a reflection of.
the clear water mirrored the sky
The clinical condition of affected individuals often does not closely mirror their specific genotype.
She managed to go a few steps further before she saw the bathroom mirror reflecting what was in it.
As an accurate mirror of the society it serves, that is to be expected.
the stage is supposed to be the mirror of life
Hold a mirror in front of you and you can suddenly see behind you.
The Norwegian rappers also encourage others to mirror the original site ‘on the condition that you don't alter our content’.
Events at the school closely mirror the political situation in Chile as a whole.
Please, I beg you, look in the mirror in the dressing room.
My jaws dropped slightly as I saw the bathroom mirror was smashed to pieces.
The following extracts especially appealed to me, because they mirror my own experience.