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miranda / Миранда
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
denoting or relating to the duty of the police to inform a person taken into custody of their right to legal counsel and the right to remain silent under questioning.
the patrolman read Lee his Miranda rights
имя существительное
a satellite of Uranus, the eleventh closest to the planet, with a diameter of 301 miles (485 km). Discovered in 1948, it is the innermost and smallest of the five major Uranian satellites and has a complex terrain of cratered areas and tracts of grooves and ridges.
You know, that they can think about these, you know, what had happened and these people might possibly go free, because of a Miranda reading.
Once one accepts this piece of judicial overreaching, it follows that physical evidence obtained in the absence of a Miranda warning is inadmissible.
One of the ways in which the Court has developed the flexibility of Miranda in the years that followed the decision was to provide that the ‘fruits’ of a Miranda violation would not be excluded.
If the police officer possessed enough evidence to place the suspect under arrest, the suspect would be given a Miranda warning that he or she had the right to remain silent.
Thus, before a military tribunal, a known terrorist could not walk because of a legal technicality, such as the arresting officer's failure to give him a Miranda warning.