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minuscule / минускул
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
очень маленький
tiny, minuscule, minimal, tiny little, piccaninny, pickaninny
имя существительное
minuscule script.
Not one of them is written in the type of small, utilitarian script, called current minuscule , which was the common form of handwriting used in liturgical handbooks and schoolbooks in the seventh and eighth centuries.
имя прилагательное
extremely small; tiny.
a minuscule fragment of DNA
of or in lowercase letters, as distinct from capitals or uncials.
The small ( minuscule ) letters are earth symbols- the (majuscule) capital letter A is a picture of the missing capstone from Khufu's pyramid.
A process of turning the old unspaced capital scripts into minuscule began and much of the mathematical writing which have survived have done so because they were copied into this new format.
My heart rose, in the slight minuscule chance that it was a dream.
But if you look at the studies, it's pretty hard to make out a case for women in pregnancy experiencing all but the most minuscule possible risk to themselves or their infants.
Speed of writing changed the appearance of many letters, however, and along with the introduction by the 4th century of loops and linking of letters this formed the basis for the development of minuscule scripts.
They write that Australia's reaction to refugees is not in proportion with the actual number arriving here - which is minuscule compared to that faced by North America and Europe.
The paralyzing narrowness of American political life, with its minuscule differences between two big business parties, can be traced back to this period.
Because minuscules are generally later than uncials, and also because they were easier to produce, minuscule copies outnumber uncials of the New Testament in a ratio of ten to one.
Water striders are covered stem to stem and toe to toe with a layer of tiny, waxy, feathery hairs in which countless minuscule air bubbles are trapped.
I don't mean to be sacrilegious here, but in a small, minuscule way trying to keep your own personal opinions out of your reporting is the goal, and it's a goal that one has to continue to be trying to achieve.
The minuscule creatures toil endlessly completely unaware that they are being watched and that, with a simple tap on the glass by the giant undetected observer, what would amount to half a life time's work for an ant could be destroyed.