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minus / минус, недостаток, знак минуса
имя существительное
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, minus
знак минуса
without, out of, less, sans, minus, but for
имя прилагательное
negative, minus, negatory, privative
devoid, bereft, void, free, destitute, minus
nonexistent, defunct, null, minus
имя прилагательное
(before a number) below zero; negative.
minus five
(after a grade) slightly worse than.
my lowest grade was a B minus
having a negative electric charge.
What texts don't usually tell you is that charges both plus and minus attract uncharged things.
имя существительное
a mathematical operation of subtraction.
" Minus " is a binary operation (performed on two numbers).
a disadvantage.
for every plus with this equipment there can be a minus
with the subtraction of.
what's ninety-three minus seven?
(of temperature) below zero.
minus 10° Fahrenheit
Salford was 11 th on the list, with a population decline of minus six per cent, or 12,500 people, to 216,500.
This brings Limerick West fractionally above the minus five per cent limit.
Eventually he was given the machine back, minus its disc - which had apparently been destroyed.
Instead, five different drivers were chosen to drive the cars, minus bombs, to Dublin.
Corporations are taxed on their revenue minus their expenses.
It is a movement from minus nine per cent to plus 17 per cent growth.
Well I can factor out the imaginary unit number (i or the square root of minus one) and plot the result on the same graph.
‘He was detained a short time later having left the scene minus a shoe and bleeding from the elbow,’ said Sgt French.
Drivers were warned to look out for black ice as they headed for work today after one of the coldest nights saw temperatures plummet to minus 5 degrees centigrade.
This many people paying this much a month plus this much for the game and expansion packs, minus this much for costs equals this much profit - each and every single month.