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minority / меньшинство, несовершеннолетие, меньшая часть
имя существительное
minority, few
minority, infancy, pupilage, pupillage, nonage
меньшая часть
имя существительное
the smaller number or part, especially a number that is less than half the whole number.
harsher measures for the minority of really serious offenders
the state or period of being under the age of full legal responsibility.
During the claimant's minority the initial limitation period would not run.
Under what criteria is it acceptable for a political minority to take by force what it cannot win at the ballot box?
So it looks as if, for the foreseeable future, unfurnished properties will comprise a tiny minority of the private rented market.
Today, only a minority of islands bother with cutting peats.
The context was exceptional, for royal authority was weakened by the minority of Louis XIV.
Claims by children are not limited to those made during their minority ; an adult child may seek an order.
Perhaps because it got it from the founder of the state of Bulgaria, it is one of a minority of Sofia streets never to have been renamed.
The minority community generally feel that the scales of justice are tilted widely against them.
Which brings us back to the Sikhs, who before this incident in Birmingham were the model of a law-abiding minority community.
These laws are aimed at the minority of annoying customers and not at the lovely ones.
There would be only a tiny minority of Australians who would not support tough action being taken against terrorists.