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minor / минор, несовершеннолетний подросток, недоросль
имя существительное
minor, minor key, sad
несовершеннолетний подросток
young ignoramus, minor
имя прилагательное
minor, light, insignificant, small, slight, little
minor, underage
secondary, minor, subordinate, second, peripheral, subsidiary
имя прилагательное
lesser in importance, seriousness, or significance.
minor alterations
(of a scale) having intervals of a semitone between the second and third degrees, and (usually) the fifth and sixth, and the seventh and eighth.
Yet by bar 3, where the two basic scale-motifs are concatenated to form five notes of an A minor scale, the tonality is in doubt.
(of a term) occurring as the subject of the conclusion of a categorical syllogism.
where P, S, and M are the major, minor , and middle terms of the syllogism.
имя существительное
a person under the age of full legal responsibility.
It may be now legal for minors to donate to campaigns, but I believe there is a requirement that the donors' names over a minimum amount be reported, is there not?
a minor key, interval, or scale.
Yet he will conjure a few bars in the minor where possible and darken textures by shunting to the subdominant.
the minor leagues in a particular professional sport, especially baseball.
he's been pitching in the minors for six years
a college student's subsidiary subject or area of concentration.
a minor in American Indian studies
a minor term or premise.
I prove the minor , because your father is known by you and your father is the one approaching; hence, the one approaching is known by you.
study or qualify in as a subsidiary subject at college or university.
As a young brother, I majored in biology and minored in religious studies at St. Mary's College, Moraga, California.
In most cases, it identifies the conclusion that is to be accepted and then goes on to identify what it to be argued for (the minor premise).
People with high levels of stress are also more prone to develop colds and other minor illnesses.
After a transfer into a minor , the opener bids the shown minor if he has at least high-honor-third in the suit.
Another, about 20 percent of patients, will develop minor depression.
If you don't have a 5-card major, open your longest minor .
The theme school concept could easily develop into a collegiate minor .
Each major key is followed by its parallel minor .
Many students also successfully complete a minor in African American studies.
Themes initially stated in the major mode recur more strongly in the minor .
where P, S, and M are the major, minor , and middle terms of the syllogism.