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minnow / пескарь, гольян, мелкая рыбешка
имя существительное
gudgeon, minnow
мелкая рыбешка
small fry, minnow, fry
имя существительное
a small freshwater Eurasian cyprinoid fish that typically forms large shoals.
There are also rudd, bream, eels, gudgeon, crucian carp, tench, minnows , perch, sticklebacks, the odd trout, pike and barbel present.
a person or organization of relatively small size, power, or influence.
As a result, Bulldog has only attracted 80,000 users to its broadband and telephony service - a minnow in the broadband market.
I promptly lost another minnow and Terpe boxed a 12-inch crappie.
Among the most ardent of these believers is Graham Stewart, the chief executive of Aberdeen-based Faroe Petroleum - a listed oil minnow with a sizeable exposure to the west of Shetland region in both UK and Faroese waters.
While trolling a Blue Phantom minnow in the tidal water, the Bishop of Stepney hooked a massive fish that dragged his little rowing boat up the Earn, then out again among the shipping of the Tay estuary.
Our flight attendant didn't have to ask to gauge my level of interest in the complimentary muffin - my demeanor wasn't far from that of a baby bird pining for a little extra minnow .
The House Energy and Water Appropriation bill is likely to condemn the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow to extinction.
We restricted our sampling to the use of minnow traps for two reasons.
Economic activities such as grazing can be compatible with conservation of the spikedace and loach minnow provided that their habitat is maintained in good condition.
If little Amanda or Johnny want to fish for minnow with their nets there's also somewhere for them to go.
A hook size of about number 6 is good for large lobworms and small deadbaits, such as gudgeon, minnow and small roach, which should be lip-hooked.
Another standout in the collection is the first patented jointed minnow lure made by the K & K Manufacturing Co. of Toledo.