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mink / норка
имя существительное
mink, burrow
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a small, semiaquatic, stoatlike carnivore native to North America and Eurasia. The American mink is widely farmed for its fur, resulting in its becoming naturalized in many parts of Europe.
Predators of erethizontids include mustelids such as martens, minks , wolverines, ermine, weasels, and fishers.
Prion diseases occur in sheep, goats, mink , mule deer, elk, cats and cows.
I compliment the wife on her mink vest, although I think privately she looks a lot like Genghis Khan.
Disturbance after eggs are laid provides opportunities for predation by carrion crows, jays, kestrels, magpies, foxes and mink .
If Gweneviere's hands were cold, she would simply snuggle them into her mink muff.
Oh, and Gucci's woman wouldn't dream of leaving the house without a rigid leather vest or that little fur chubby in mink and anaconda for special occasions!
He noted that there has been a considerable increase in the price of mink and fur; which may give an advantage to Karakul sales.
The session begins with a mammal expert explaining more about water voles, otters and mink .
If you have a 1960s cape like elbow sleeve mink jacket hiding away, or have an aunt or mother or even grandmother who has one or can pick one up in a thrift shop, get ready to don it this winter.
Much of the fur is mislabelled and people might think they are buying something like mink when actually it is cat or dog fur.
Of course, the ultimate in vulgar glamour was sporting a full-length white mink .