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ministration / богослужение, оказание помощи, помощь
имя существительное
worship, divine service, church service, church, chapel, ministration
оказание помощи
help, assistance, aid, support, assist, ministration
имя существительное
the provision of assistance or care.
a kitchen made spotless by the ministrations of a cleaning lady
It was altogether fitting that the ministration of the sacraments be given, not to the angels, but to men.
the celebration and ministration of the sacraments
This virtual wish to be and to remain partners in marriage, which is not annulled by the reception of baptism, is an entity in the parties in which may be found the ministration of the sacrament.
He became visibly annoyed when we offered him what was less obeisance than he expected and demanded and soon walked off with flaming cheeks, leaving us to the ministrations of his staff.
She was a ministrant or servant, one who was actually serving the needs of others.
Thanks to Patrick and Madeleine Rigard, who have owned the chateau for the last nine years, their young and attentive staff, and the spoiling ministrations of their chef de cuisine, Alain Gouraud, Chaumontel fairly bustles with life.
The ministrant of this sacrament is the priest, for baptism belongs to his office.
People work better if they have not been subjected to the tender ministrations of Network Rail or the motorway and they can be more effective at home without the many distractions of the office.
As in the Crimea, the importance of basic hygiene was not understood, and gangrene, chronic sickness and the ministrations of ignorant medical personnel frequently finished off men who had survived the battlefield itself.
The island of Varappuzha from which the Archdiocese derived its name was the idyllic setting the fathers of the Order of Carmelites Discalced chose to begin their ministrations in what was then called the Vicariate of Malabar.