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ministerial / министерский, правительственный, пастырский
имя прилагательное
ministerial, cabinet
governmental, cabinet, ministerial, federal
vicarial, ministerial
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a minister of religion.
It is this kind of ecclesiology that will lead to a ministerial leadership and ecclesial structures that will equip believers for their callings.
of or relating to a government minister or ministers.
ministerial officials
acting as an agent, instrument, or means in achieving a purpose.
those uses of conversation which are ministerial to intellectual culture
Furthermore, the church has the good sense to know that, in placing a person in a position of ministerial leadership, he or she is exposed to a unique array of temptations.
Thus, we see the frequent use of government via ministerial order rather than legislation; the MO being the instrument found unconstitutional just two weeks ago.
It is not uncommon for a minister to drive 6-10,000 miles per year in carrying out the ministerial duties for a congregation.
But the senior Government whip has just indicated that we have just had two speeches from Ministers in a ministerial statement situation.
Some of the freer churches don't even ask their ministerial candidates to commit themselves formally to any belief about Scripture, let alone creation.
The following year 17 candidates were accepted for ministerial training, rising to 25 in 2002 and 33 last year.
Bloom saw society as ministerial to the university.
For Strauss, then, who closely followed the classics on this subject, foreign policy is ministerial to domestic policy.
But in light of his political biography there can be no doubt of his preparedness to assume a ministerial office in a Union-led government.
The Prime Minister has no ministerial responsibility for the Labour list.