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minister / министр, священник, слуга
имя существительное
minister, secretary, Secretary of State, front-bencher
priest, clergyman, minister, chaplain, parson, reverend
servant, servitor, man, manservant, valet, minister
serve, minister, inure, beg, enure, answer
wait, wait on, attend, wait upon, minister, lacquey
совершать богослужение
minister, officiate
имя существительное
a member of the clergy, especially in Protestant churches.
First we say that Justice Bleby incorrectly formulated the test for an intention to create legal relations in the context of a church and a minister of religion .
(in certain countries) a head of a government department.
Britain's defense minister
a person or thing used to achieve or convey something.
the Angels are ministers of the Divine Will
attend to the needs of (someone).
her doctor was busy ministering to the injured
act as a minister of religion.
She introduces the narrator to Jerome Strozzi, an aging priest who ministers to society's throwaways.
Transformed by the Eucharist we have received, we are sent to minister Jesus' presence to the lonely, downtrodden, and oppressed.
At cataclysmic events in the community (births, illnesses, deaths) the women were present to minister aid and comfort.
What are we seeking to do as we prepare to minister God's word to God's precious people and those others who are always to be found in their midst?
It had not been easy to do as he wished, for his father was a Presbyterian minister who very much wanted his son to follow him in the religious life and perhaps become a missionary.
In is vital that we continue to minister to people like Fionnaigh.
This is a most refreshing new look at the book of Ecclesiastes, by the minister of Ravesby Presbyterian Church, Sydney.
Hospital chiefs will be ordered by health minister Malcolm Chisholm to cut back spending on agency nurses, some of whom earn more than £1,600 a week.
A leading opponent of the war in Afghanistan took on Foreign Office minister Peter Hain in a debate in Brighton last week.
Britain's defense minister
Foreign office minister Lady Symons said there would be ‘very vigorous discussions’ with the US about securing a fair trial.