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miniskirt / мини-юбка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a very short skirt.
As women have become more liberated, their clothing has become less restrictive: from corsets and petticoats to trousers, shorts and miniskirts ; from full-length burqas to jilbabs to headscarves, then to bare heads.
He waited at the window as I slipped into the bathroom and changed quickly into a black tanktop and a matching miniskirt .
The 24-year-old put on a miniskirt and blouse and make-up and borrowed an identity card from a female friend.
She wanted to be Tina Turner in a hot miniskirt and boots, but those styles were hard to find for a full-figured woman.
Barbie is sold wearing swimsuits and miniskirts in a society where women must wear head scarves in public.
That's a nod to the raincoat maker that transformed itself from tired to trendy by plastering its trademark plaid on everything from miniskirts to bikinis.
At retail meccas like Guess and Express, young girls 12 to 19 are spending $37 billion a year on clothes such as belly-baring shirts and micro miniskirts .
However, they do not wear shorts, miniskirts , or strapless or sleeveless tops.
The spring women's line features off-the-shoulder blouses, miniskirts and hipster trousers.
Under Malawi's former government, women could not wear slacks, shorts, or miniskirts .
While there are plenty of party girls still sporting low-slung bell bottoms, the hippest in the crowd are swishing around in kicky full skirts, miniskirts and skirts with dipping hemlines.