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miniseries / минисериал
television series
имя существительное
a television drama shown in a number of episodes.
A television miniseries produced in 1997 stuck much closer to the novel; unfortunately, Warner Bros. has not released it on DVD.
Currently in the works is a sitcom-style miniseries in which viewers can influence the actions of characters with a click of the mouse.
They pioneered the idea of the miniseries : six hours of television to cover the breadth of such novels as Sinclair Ross's As for Me and My House and Ernest Buckler's The Mountain and the Valley.
Being a made-for-TV miniseries for Canadian television, production values are about as poor as you might expect.
Today the commercial television networks have virtually abandoned the miniseries format.
The miniseries proved so popular that more editions followed in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997.
One surprising facet of this television miniseries without commercials is that, due to its anthological format and brisk pace, the breaks don't really show very badly at all.
The concept album is a different attempt to harmonise the traditional short segments of popular music with the long narrative line of the novel, opera, TV miniseries , or stage drama.
Nevertheless, for a TV miniseries , the special effects are respectable on the whole.
But enough of these meanderings, here are some of the series, films, miniseries , specials and, yes, game shows that aspired to leave their imprimatur on the pundits.
The SciFi Network's new Dune miniseries begins Sunday night.