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mining / добыча, горное дело, минирование
имя существительное
production, prey, mining, extraction, spoil, output
горное дело
имя прилагательное
mountain, mining, rock, highland, montane, rangy
имя существительное
the process or industry of obtaining coal or other minerals from a mine.
He has spent 15 of his adult years working in one of China's grittiest and most dangerous industries, and coal mining is all he knows.
obtain (coal or other minerals) from a mine.
Residents will have their say on a scheme which could see a million tonnes of coal mined in their area of Bolton.
lay explosive mines on or just below the surface of (the ground or water).
the area was heavily mined
New turnpike roads and canals, intended primarily to serve industry and mining , opened the way to valuable resources, linked production to markets, facilitated the division of labor.
Ukraine was for decades the Soviet Union's breadbasket and a center of heavy industry and mining ; as a Slavic nation, it has deep historic ties to Russia.
So we were surprised that Rudland the once demi-hamlet with inn and chapel and primitive coal mining was ‘back on the map’.
Too many Scots still retain a romantic nostalgia for the old industrial economy of mining , steel making and ship building.
Major industries include mining and aluminum processing, forestry, and the manufacture of beverages.
To many, the army must have seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime and areas dominated by heavy industry and mining provided a disproportionate number of recruits.
Here dairy and cattle farming and mining are the big industries and towns bear the names of the men who built them - Atherton, Evelyn, Normantown, Georgetown.
New lime kilns at Swinden quarry were one aspect of the industrial boom but the potential for coal mining was also seized on.
Heavy industry and mining took a toll on many generations, leaving tens of thousands of men who reached their forties and fifties only to find they had been deserted both by the trade they were trained in and the strength to learn a new one.
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