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minimum / минимум, минимальное количество
имя существительное
minimum, inferior limit
минимальное количество
minimum, least
имя прилагательное
minimum, minimal, least, irreducible
имя прилагательное
smallest or lowest.
this can be done with the minimum amount of effort
имя существительное
the least or smallest amount or quantity possible, attainable, or required.
technical difficulties have been kept to a minimum
These local minima significantly hinder the algorithm to locate the true minimum and greatly increase the convergence time.
The work, however, needs to be done and we are doing everything we can to make sure that it is done as quickly as possible with the minimum of inconvenience.
This agreement lays down minimum requirements designed to facilitate the reconciliation of parental and professional responsibilities for working parents.
It is also envisaged that a model filling station would meet minimum safety and environmental requirements.
there's no set minimum
Imported components are kept to a minimum and wherever possible are long life and locally maintainable.
Nasdaq has started delisting procedures against the company because its market capitalisation does not meet minimum requirements.
Registered establishments must comply with national minimum standards and the requirements of regulations setting out how they are expected to operate.
This is because our minimum feature size of 10 yam is also the minimum allowed by the mask manufacturer, and the variance at this feature size is 3.2 m.
One section in the 752-page book says the goal of tax planning is to ‘pay the minimum of what is required.’