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minicomputer / мини-компьютер, мини-ЭВМ
имя существительное
имя существительное
a computer of medium power, more than a microcomputer but less than a mainframe.
Agent software is now available for just about every type of hardware device, from the latest communications servers through to the most ancient of Digital Equipment PDP - 11 minicomputers .
During his master's work he built a small robot with whiskers and photoelectric eyes controlled by a minicomputer , and wrote a thesis on a computer language for artificial intelligence.
History buffs will recall that Sun Microsystems began in the 1980s with one goal, to put the power of an engineer's minicomputer onto his desktop.
The sound and speech processor is a minicomputer that processes sound into digital information, and then sends that information to the implant package in the form of electrical signals.
That's why the minicomputer makers are gone, that's why the PC makers are going; the growth is in the modern clients.
At that time, the lab had a specialized real-time minicomputer : a Hewlett-Packard HP - 1000 F series.
A personal data assistant is a minicomputer that can fit in the palm of your hand.
Among other industrial spin-offs of Project Whirlwind was the minicomputer , developed by Kenneth Hogan of the Digital Equipment Corporation.
Lam and his colleagues began the first leg of the computation in 1980, using a minicomputer to run through the simplest cases.
The project came in on time, it came in on budget - and it was a miserable failure, because basically you needed a minicomputer for every person.
All of a sudden, IBM PCs exchanged information easier with typical minicomputer systems than they did with mainframe computers.