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minibus / микроавтобус
имя существительное
имя существительное
a small bus for about ten to fifteen passengers.
In developing countries, pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers in minibuses and buses frequently belong to lower socioeconomic groups.
The move comes after a fatal collision between a taxi and two speeding minibuses which ran a red light in North Point on October 22.
About 50 group members will protest, hanging banners on taxis and minibuses parked outside the legislature.
It was also decided that caravans, goods vehicles, minibuses or coaches could be charged 25 per cent more for single crossings.
Nine coaches and minibuses have been taken off the road after roadside checks uncovered a worrying catalogue of defects, including faulty brakes.
Currently, city public buses use the slow lane together with minibuses and private cars, often causing heavy traffic congestion.
There are old blue and white minibuses everywhere overflowing with passengers.
Locals looked on in surprise as hitch-hikers, cyclists, bikers, cars, vans and minibuses filled up the village square.
The fact the Multiple Sclerosis Society seems to use Tremaine Road as a parking garage for its ambulances and minibuses does not help either.
They have tried sharing cars and hiring expensive minibuses but some have children at other schools which means hours spent on the road every morning and evening.
Roadblocks would also focus on public passenger transport to ensure that minibuses and buses were roadworthy and not overloaded.