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minibar / минибар
имя существительное
имя существительное
a refrigerator in a hotel room containing a selection of refreshments that are charged for on the bill if used by the occupant.
Our rooms feature 24-hour room service, voice mail, dataports, minibars , hair dryers, an iron, and pay to view movies.
Angel smiled, watching Lori get up and start searching around his room for the minibar .
There's a soda machine instead of a minibar , and a kitchenette, not room service.
In-room options are limited to the crisps and noodles in the minibar , and the hotel has no restaurant.
Check the minibar when you first get into the room.
It has long been rumored in Sweden that when his self-discipline fails and he drinks an overpriced Coke out of a hotel minibar , he will go to a grocery store to buy a replacement.
And you're never going to believe this: a free minibar in my hotel.
But despite their rusticity, the huts are fitted with all things cosmopolitan - a western-style toilet, a 14-channel TV and fridge with a minibar .
So Michael, he grabs a bottle of cheap champagne from the hotel minibar , rips off the foil and begins drinking right out of the bottle.
The company claims a long history of firsts, such as the first guest credit card, 24-hour room service, and even the first minibar at The Westin Ottawa in Canada.
Hot-off-the-printer news from home may soon become as commonplace as minibars at hotels around the world.