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mini / мини
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
denoting a miniature version of something.
a bouquet of mini carnations
имя существительное
a very short skirt or dress.
Inspired by the life span of insects, Kyra Nolan created blue corsets, pointy hem dresses, felted minis and mesh bodystockings over rubber halter tops.
very small or minor of its kind; miniature.
Michelle had on a black leather mini and a shirt that showed off her midriff and belly button.
I was under my bed looking for my heels that would go nice with my black leather mini that I had on.
So, a setup with a Mac mini , if you had nothing to start with, can cost less than $700.
Desktops did well with sales growing from 416,000 to 687,000 units with the impact of the Mac mini .
Couldn't we reduce this mini war of words to an exaggerated example of tomayto/ tomahto?
If you want a Mac mini to be your media hub, chances are it's because it's small and dinky and looks more like a space-age waffle toaster than a computer.
There, smaller children can enjoy the thrills on this mini version and maybe even look after their less adventurous parents as well!
It's interesting how Kevin Rollins' comments coincided with the release of the Mac mini .
In jeans and bodywarmer, she is a perfect little mini version of her mother.
Your service is so independent, you even get your own, private mini army - the Marine Corps.