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mineral / минерал, руда
имя существительное
ore, mineral, head, heads
имя прилагательное
inorganic, mineral, anorganic
fossil, mineral
имя прилагательное
of or denoting a mineral.
mineral ingredients such as zinc oxide
имя существительное
a solid inorganic substance of natural occurrence.
These groups are the silicate minerals, carbonate minerals , oxides, sulfides, and halides.
(in commercial use) effervescent soft drinks.
He said if prices on soft drinks and minerals were high, a lot of it was to do with Government VAT which was the same for both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.
The sites have been found thanks to the Falcon gravity survey conducted earlier this year-the first time gravity technology has been used to find mineral deposits in the Broken Hill area.
Today's products use ingredients such as soybean oil and colloidal mineral complexes that help to keep the creatine stable for up to 12 months.
A common mineral can remove carbon dioxide from combustion gases, but in its natural state, it is glacially slow.
Another point Bailey makes is that the world isn't running out of ‘non-renewable’ fuels or mineral resources.
On Oct.22, 1984, Greenpeace activists first used the ship to protest oil and mineral exploitation in the Antarctica.
It has drawn up a program of economic reconstruction of the region to be driven by the development of rich energy and mineral resources and the building of a rail transport corridor from Eastern Asia to Europe.
I used to be a mining engineer, and, to be more precise, would produce maps that estimate where mineral deposits would intersect the surface.
A report from Zimbabwe's Chamber of Mines says the country's foreign currency shortages will continue due to decreasing mineral production.
It delineates formulas for medicines and identifies the plant, animal, and mineral ingredients needed to concoct them.
This is bathing as entertainment; the bathing area is lavishly decorated and contains numerous pools featuring water of various temperatures and mineral content.