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minefield / минное поле
имя существительное
минное поле
имя существительное
an area planted with explosive mines.
The core elements of such groups can be tanks (infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers) as well as minefields and explosive obstacles.
They concede that this will be a legal and constitutional minefield .
Anyway I digress, see what a minefield this subject is!
The fact is that employment law is now a legal minefield .
As well as that, they were by their choice of subject in an ethical minefield .
The French ruling opens up a legal minefield , according to industry experts.
Many films have examined bigotry better than Far from Heaven, which asks for trouble by entering the double minefield of race and sexuality.
The image of her walking through a cleared area of a minefield in Angola with a visor covering her face adorned every newspaper.
Many commentators have rightly pointed out that such a ‘bill of rights’ would be a legal minefield .
One of the fastest ways to breach a minefield is with explosives.
Taylor's view is that this is a legal minefield and he's right.