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mindset / образ мышления
thought, worldview, consciousness
  • entrepreneurial mindset - предпринимательское мышление
  • new mindset - новое мировоззрение
образ мышления
way of thinking, type of thinking
имя существительное
the established set of attitudes held by someone.
the region seems stuck in a medieval mindset
the region seems stuck in a medieval mindset
I guess what you get out of it depends on the mindset with which you approach it.
My main idea was just to point out that the mindset of someone who would willingly die is not as alien as the media would have us believe.
What a truly foul argument - and all too typical of the mindset of the British establishment.
This mindset is summed up by a conversation I had this week with a friend.
Yet there is a mood and a mindset out there that will be hard to change.
The whole mindset of most of our people is simply not convincing that we mean business.
I really don't think that that is a fair indicator of the mindset of a people.
How typical of the mindset which has ruined state education for decades.
There's no guarantee that he's of a liberal mindset , no way of knowing what his reaction might be at all.