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minder / человек, заботящийся о ком-л.
имя существительное
человек, заботящийся о ком-л.
имя существительное
a person whose job it is to look after someone or something.
their baby-minder is getting married
They have hired a personal minder for daughter Kelly - to stop her drinking..
As Hart's bodyguard / minder , she takes this movie, flings it over her shoulder and stomps on it.
Meanwhile, corporate crook Red Hammernut appoints a brutish farm crew boss named Tool as Chaz's bodyguard and minder .
he was accompanied by his personal minder
The man who carried out the forcible ejection, it now emerges, was a burly fellow who is described as ‘a freelance car clamper, celebrity minder , and former nightclub bouncer.’
he was accompanied by his personal minder
Joining them is Hallyday, who plays a higher-ranking mobster and their minder , and Renaud, a scruffy, dangerous criminal known only as ‘Zero.’
Those couples desperate enough to go out together should employ a minder or baby sitter and the payment of such people could come, in part from the money saved from the very high cost of soft drinks for the children.
But novelty packaging couldn't disguise the fact that children and their minders were being asked to forgo the ease and speed of wheeled transport in favour of shoe leather.
For starters, Harry is enjoying what is billed as an extended Australian holiday in the company of a large contingent of palace minders .