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mind-numbing / дурманящий
имя прилагательное
so extreme or intense as to prevent normal thought.
the jury sat through hours of mind-numbing testimony
I'm not sure if the movie meant for this set-up to lead into hilarity or mind-numbing tedium.
I can tell you I've gotten into some real scraps in interstate buses to get them to turn off the mind-numbing all-night videos.
Too much routine can be mind-numbing , just as too much spontaneity can be disorientating.
However, in the context of commonplace and mind-numbing attacks on communism, his novel is freshly revisionist.
What I heard was a seemingly endless string of mind-numbing platitudes.
The thought of being entertained purely by tap for an hour and twenty minutes sounds mind-numbing and mundane.
You see, I wouldn't mind it at all if it wasn't so mind-numbing and soul-destroying.
So people eventually came in and the day developed into the same mind-numbing tedium that I've come to expect.
Surprisingly, I am not suffering from my usual post-alcohol mind-numbing hangovers today.
So, apart from the mind-numbing tedium of it all, what was wrong and what was the solution?