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mind-boggling / нелепая
имя прилагательное
overwhelming; startling.
a chip that processes data at mind-boggling speed
It was a night ripe with superlatives and mind-boggling statistics.
But her progress through the tournament has been marked by the absence of the usual mind-boggling array of nervous ticks.
I think about the difference between then and now and it's just mind-boggling .
To an Australian, spoilt for choice with cheap, abundant and high quality produce, it is all a bit mind-boggling .
Organising a conspiracy of such proportion seems mind-boggling , especially since the precise purpose of doing so is unclear.
Ideas are sketched in and elaborated with breathtaking, sometimes mind-boggling brevity.
The detail in this scheme is mind-boggling and it is not going to be possible to sort everything out before January 1.
Blame the mind-boggling growth of animation and related interests in the last couple of years for this development.
Beyond that, she sees no point in comparing the two titles, which launched the same month with similarly mind-boggling budgets.
Tourism is the world's fastest growing industry and the sheer scale of the choices available to punters at the moment is mind-boggling .