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mind-blowing / психоделический, возбуждающий, шокирующий
имя прилагательное
psychedelic, psychodelic, mind-blowing
exciting, excitatory, aphrodisiac, stimulant, energizing, mind-blowing
horrifying, mind-blowing
имя прилагательное
overwhelmingly impressive.
for a kid, Chicago was really mind-blowing
Support fat loss and gain more energy in the process - the benefits of this amazing supplement are mind-blowing !
Although the album does not offer anything that is mind-blowing , it is a simple, easy listen and it should not be taken for more than just that.
So much to take in: the detail of the battle scenes is fantastic, the production design is mind-blowing and the pace of the action awesome.
And, then, before he knew it, another song had started up; the same voice, the same wonderful, mind-blowing music.
This record is impressive, but not mind-blowing .
The 1960s was the decade of mind-blowing drug experimentation.
This one is for those hungry for adventure and thirsty for thrills; those who are game for spine-chilling off-the-edge excitement and mind-blowing heights.
The maestro himself blows a mean horn with unbelievable energy and mind-blowing skill and has the kind of stage presence so-called pop idols cannot be taught.
They accuse The Matrix: Reloaded of, ‘technology that is mind-blowing but actually more interesting than the movie itself.’
You will be dazzled at the way multi-award winning Leen takes you through The King's life and songs, with mind-blowing music, stylish movements and seven costume changes.