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mind / ум, разум, мнение
имя существительное
mind, intelligence, intellect, wit, brain, wits
mind, reason, intellect, understanding, sense, brains
opinion, view, mind, belief, say, judgment
mind, object, object to, protest, contradict, retort
иметь в виду
keep in mind, bear in mind, have in view, have in mind, mean, mind
remember, keep in mind, mind, bear in mind, think, have in mind
имя прилагательное
soft, mild, gentle, benign, bland, mind
weak, weakly, low, feeble, faint, mind
имя существительное
the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.
as the thoughts ran through his mind, he came to a conclusion
a person's intellect.
his keen mind
a person's attention.
I expect my employees to keep their minds on the job
be distressed, annoyed, or worried by.
I don't mind the rain
regard as important; feel concern about.
never mind the opinion polls
take care of temporarily.
we left our husbands to mind the children while we went out
be inclined or disposed to do a particular thing.
he was minded to reject the application
'Which do you prefer?' 'I really don't mind.'
you think about how much Cal does for you, and you mind her, you hear?
he has a fine mind
my grandfather's mind is failing
I have other things on my mind today
has he gone completely out of his mind?
I had you in mind when I was writing this part
Memories raced through his mind , thoughts of the joy Isaac had brought to his life.
she had a change of mind about the wedding
she was afraid she was going out of her mind